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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reset/Return is a new publication
  • It features articles and occasional artwork
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Here’s what the site is about: 

There’s a big, hairy, audacious problem facing us first-worlders right now.

We have more choices than ever before in human history, which means we can now design our careers, language, lifestyle, thoughts, and even our identity. Nothing is fixed, and the sensation can be unsettling.

Amidst the chaos, the less-than-satisfying conventional path offers safety from decision fatigue.

That path, the regular ‘cultural pull,’ was going on before the internet and before the pandemic. But since the pandemic, a larger number of people are starting to think… oh. The way we were doing things wasn’t really that great. 

That new thought has widened a big gap:

What do we do now? How do we live? Where does the meaning and direction come from, if not from this system we were relying on?

That is the topic of Reset/Return (only the most meta topic of the new millennia). 

My writing won’t solve it or build a manifesto for all awakening humans (lol). It will look at the big questions from multiple angles, offer resources and points of introspection, and just take one bite at a time to chew on.

Underneath all the 1’s and 0’s on this site, there’s a worldview that I’ll fess up to now:

We each have a unique design, and as we learn to listen to its voice more and more we’ll start to play important roles developing a civilization that works better for the whole species.

Basically, we have hope.

 In all the choices and chaos, there is a way forward. It is possible to live into something greater, with purpose and deep personal nourishment from our path and our co-creation together.

 I am a marketer by trade (and an artist by practice), so I also know that the content we consume washes our mindset. These articles are intended to wash you with optimism, deep thinking and a sense of expansiveness.

 If you find that they lift you, or if at any time you get the next single sentence you were looking for to stimulate your own creativity…

 Then, good. That’s the point.

About the Writer

Hi, I’m Katy. 

I work with impact-driven brands to create a brand message. Because I work with brands, I study movements and culture. Because I grew up with a professor, I’ve studied transformational learning and philosophy. And because I grew up with a family of spiritual and intuitive types, I’ve studied  the feely parts of the human experience.

I find the biggest questions and most intimate personal emotions help me to make art, and Covid gave me the push to publish.


 Find me @katy_ _ward and email [email protected]

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